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Persist with your exercise program, and you should get a flat and sexy stomach in time. The American Council on Exercise warns that such exercises don't reduce fat from your stomach.

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If she's serious about the ART then more than likely I will think highly of her as well as her dedication, committment and especially if she adopts it and its principals and code of ethics (Budo, Bushido, etc.) as part of her everyday life.

For example, after a short warm-up, sprint for one minute, then jog for two minutes. According to a study reported in the September 2011 issue of "Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise," HIIT can increase your ability to burn fat up to 14 hours after exercise.

Resistance training increases your lean muscle mass, which increases your metabolism in the long-term, helping you burn stomach fat at rest.

While my wife stood in an auditorium fielding questions regarding her doctoral dissertation, I shared a pitcher of beer at the nearest bar with her marine science colleagues.

They insisted she was entering an exclusive club in the scientific community: the rare species of sexy scientists with Ph Ds.

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