Is diggy dating ti daughter

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She drove to her meeting place with Daniel and dropped Jaida to him. He talked to his fans for hours and when it was time for him to leave the fans died down and he'd left. In his head he fussed at himself for not spending that time with her.

Since dad is spending money so foolishly, I hope he comes to his senses and helps Trayvon Martin's dad with legal expenses or whatever his parents need since they will be out of work for awhile...

DS: I don't.17: What kind of girl catches your eye? I love a girl who knows what she wants and who she wants to be.

I like somebody who can have fun and just live in the moment, but who also knows what she wants for her future.

A few followers gave backhanded compliments saying how pretty she USED to be, before she f'd her face up. And an inappropriate comment about the 16 year old--asking her "could he f**k"--set Papa TIP off. We live in the world of sexting and their is no guarantee that his child is an angel that boy looks to be no more then 16 and you talking about shoving his pee pee in his mouth on a social network LOL LOL serious like WTF shake haters and rude ass ppl off and get back to the money SMDH! Also he shole cussed that boy out and he deserved every word of it. Just because this man has fame doesn't mean he has to take disrespect from anybody regardless of money/stature. Some ppl actually need to go dance in traffic with all that hating. I can't wait for the second season of their show to start!! I guess let that be a lesson to people who think they can talk reckless and think these stars don't read it. has a right to defend his fam but that went a lil too far.

The rapper & reality star made an example out of a few of his 168K followers yesterday when he posted the above pic of him & Tiny for Throwback Thursday. I.'s words to make it easier for the Instagram illiterate: But that wasn't all. I.'s stepdaughter Zonnique posted a pic on Instagram as she always does yesterday. You already kicked them off your instagram as you should have but, c'mon T. Now I understand why you got mad about your daughter but, you dnt know how these kids nowadays speak to each other! These people have alot of nerve getting on THEIR instagram pictures talking negatively about his family like these people don't read it sometimes. You'll have 2 days worth of timeline comments talking shit and possibly be one of the ratchets we see fighting in the videos on twitter/facebook. I see far worse comments on instagram that people leave on celebrities pics.

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