Error validating application

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BTW Yesterday I discovered if I send a request to /me/accounts with long-term token, list returns with long-term tokens.

I've tested with this: q= Scenario 5: Page Access Tokens When a user grants an app the manage_pages permission, the app is able to obtain page access tokens for pages that the user administers by querying the [User ID]/accounts Graph API endpoint.

Le processus de connexion que votre app utilise pour les nouvelles personnes doit déterminer la méthode que vous devez adopter.

Si une personne a annulé l’autorisation associée à votre app, cette dernière doit la traiter comme si elle n’avait jamais utilisé votre app.

What happens here is that in the failure case, you're calling login With Publish Permissions (essentially a request for additional perms, when you already have a token), this fails because the user has removed the app.

By using a long-lived user access token, querying the [User ID]/accounts endpoint will now provide page access tokens that do not expire for pages that a user manages.

This will also apply when querying with a non-expiring user access token obtained through the deprecated offline_access permission.

I ran into the same issue with Xcode 8.3 and i OS 9 on the phone.

Tried restarting Xcode, computer, the phone- none of them works.

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