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These types of boxes were used in DC Resistance bridge circuits for precise measurements of an unknown resistance (Wheatstone Bridge circuits) or in other circuits for calculating current flow, low voltage levels or comparison evaluations.Both of these Otto Wolff resistance boxes were used a Mount Wilson Observatory in Southern California. Wilson and the facility there had (has) a lot of very early test gear.A poll of puzzle fans confirmed that 70 per cent of people had to give up and look at the reveal in order to find the hidden figures.If you're struggling to find the extra characters in the vintage illustration, you might want to try flipping it upside down.Dear Sheila, I empathize with this question so much because I too was in a “no man’s land” when it came to translating my passion for vintage into full time work!First, I’ll answer your question regarding my background & education in fashion.It might look as though there are only three boys in the photo below, but there are in fact seven - and the hidden friends are all enjoying a crafty cigarette.

Even then, 49 per cent said that they weren't able to find him, and had to look at the reveal for it to all become clear.

When I began to recognize that a future in publishing was not how I wanted to enjoy my passion for fashion, I decided to quit my job with so that I could cultivate selling vintage fashion under the Sammy Davis Vintage brand full time.

I had started selling vintage on the side at pop up events, trunk shows and markets like the Brooklyn Flea.

Sheila, I applaud you for this question because it shows that you are giving attention to that which you want to grow — YOUR PASSIONS!

Because I know that many readers of my site wish to channel their love of thrifting into a career involving vintage clothing, I decided to list all the possible outlets of employment (both self and with other companies) that could inspire you or anyone else reading this very post to pursue opportunities to make money working in the vintage fashion industry.

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